About Canada

Canada has about 27 times the country of Japan and is a great country surrounded by vast nature. It is very popular as a destination for studying abroad aimed at acquiring English which can be utilized after returning home such as business English It is a popular country such as easy searching for jobs and the number of sightseeing spots.

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Tired of planning a trip? Maybe you want to spend less time organizing and planning. But want to squeeze in as much as possible. And most importantly, enjoy your fill in world’s one of the most beautiful country. Let our website help you catch up with all the delights in Canada!


Staying in a luxury hotels helps you get rid of all the stresses you have been through in your daily lives. A luxurious tree houses, five-star hotels, or maybe gorgeous timesharing villas. There are also a lot of activities available in hotels. You can try working out at a irresistible gyms, golfing in an amazing view, or going to a relaxing spa is also popular.

People who live in Canada are all very friendly!

Because it is a very calm national character, it is safe for those who are new to go abroad for the first time


    Visitors from foreign countries need to get a visa for a travel to Canada. As of March 15, 2016, an eTA (ELectronic Travel Authorization) has became mandatory for any visa-exempt foreign visitors who are flying to Canada. An eTA can be applied online easily. Visit our eTA Application website to get more information and apply for an eTA online easily!

  • In Canada, climate, living standards, nature, events, all are high levels!

    It is recognized from the world as "the world's most livable country

  • Let's experience a different culture in Canada where various races and ethnic groups live!

    Because we have flexible thought to accept and respect each different culture in Canada You will be able to see the world from an international perspective.

  • What is the charm of Canada?

    Many kind of Activity.Try various activities in Canada. Bikes, skiing, surfing, bobsledding etc.


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